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KCPBS’ Raising Readers Presents: When Do Multicultural Young Children First Experience Prejudice and Racial Issues?

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Although we strive for diversity and inclusion in our current day nation and world – racism, and prejudices still plague us heavily. Our nation is still steeped in negative beliefs, mindsets, and actions that stagnate progress and growth amongst humankind. These relationships between different ethnicities and cultures continue to suffer. But most importantly, how does this continued dedication to separatism and biases affect young children? How does it affect their social/emotional and physical development and overall school life? This workshop will dig deep to find answers to these questions while offering research-based analogies and education, life experience testimonies while discussing what we all can do to create a culturally competent life for children that is built on equity, inclusion, objectivity, and love.

Presenter:  Phyllis Harris, President

Pathfinders Professional Development, LLC

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